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to be part of the life changing experiences I have shared with my clients and I so look forward to being with you on your journey of Transformation – to move past resistance, master your life with confidence, to have an unfailing belief in yourself and the unfailing passion to achieve your heart’s desires.

An uncompromised life is available to you!

In working with me you

will overcome your pain, identify with clarity the issues you wish to change, and recognise what you need to do in order to turn up every day as the highest version of you

experiencing the freedom, self-worth, connection, and love you deserve.

My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, working with adults, teens and children with concerns relating to Dyslexia and learning difficulties, self- esteem, feeling not enough, confidence, overwhelm, exam success, memory, concentration, depression, goal setting, motivation, procrastination, public speaking, relaxation, guilt and anxiety.

I am available to work with children, teens and adults. I create bespoke packages for your specific needs. Sessions can be delivered from my clinic or via ZOOM

RTT Packages

Transforming Your Life

28 Day Individual Package

What you get ...

This life changing package includes:

1 x 10 minute Relaxation Recording for you to keep and listen to at your leisure. This also primes you into hearing my voice and feeling as relaxed as possible for our transformative session.

1 x 30 minute consultation to identify the issue you wish to address, gather information that is related to the issue and identify what your ideal life will feel like once the issue is resolved.

1 x 90-120 minute empowering RTT session where old beliefs are removed and new beliefs installed for a phenomenal life change.

1 x 15 minute bespoke transformational recording for you to keep and listen to daily (for at least 21 days). This will lock in the new beliefs and unlock your full potential for a magnificent life

1 x follow up email to touch base with how your life is changing

1x 20 minute follow up conversation via ZOOM or mobile to celebrate how your life is changing and where to next

Success & Confidence for Children

A Bespoke Package designed specifically for your child’s success and confidence building and around your child’s needs. I am available to work with children over the age of 4 years.

What you get ...

1 x 20 minute ZOOM or face to face conversation with Parent or caregiver around the child’s issue.

1 x 10 minute Relaxation Recording for the child to listen to (so that they become familiar with my voice prior to our session)

1x 60 minute transformative RTT Session to halt unwanted behaviours / attitudes and lock in positive new ones

1 x 10 minute personalised recording which the child is encouraged to listen to every night for at least 21 days. This helps to ensure the new beliefs and desired behaviours are wired in for ongoing success.

1 x 15 minute ZOOM session with child and then parent to ensure results are sustained

These sessions can be used to address, among other issues, nail biting, increased confidence, dyslexia, learning difficulties, bed-wetting, passing exams, success at school, success at sports, auditioning confidence.

NOTE: There is no regression for children under the age of 8 years and all sessions will be face to face. Children over the age of 8 years will be regressed and can experience their session via Zoom or Face to Face.

“I Am Complete” for Teens

A Bespoke Package designed specifically to address the needs of your teenager.

What you get ...

A bespoke package to address the specific needs of your teen which will include:

1 x 20 minute conversation, via ZOOM or phone, with parent / guardian to establish the issue of concern

1 x 10 minute Relaxation Recording for your Teen to listen for at least a week before we meet

1 x 30 minute Consultation with your Teen to establish the issue from their perspective and to educate them about the Rules of the Mind and the power they have to change their life

1 x 90 minute transformational session. This experience will allow them to recognise the beliefs they have held that have not worked for them and to feel empowered to make the change they now believe they can have

1 x 12 minute Transformational Recording to lock in new beliefs for an incredible life of connection, love, and dreams fulfilled

1 x 20 minute ZOOM session to summarise these life changes and look at where to next

What Valued clients say …

Debbie McMillan, New Zealand

My RTT Session with Jo was astounding. I’m so grateful to have found her!! I have suffered from disordered eating and low self-worth for over 3 decades, a truly tough case.  I’ve tried everything from CPT, countless talk therapy sessions, medication, and hypnosis sessions before discovering RTT.  

The session I had with Jo was life-changing and truly amazing! Through regression, we were able to get to the root cause of the illness by revisiting scenes from my childhood. I had no idea some of these scenes from my past had helped pave the way to form such destructive behaviour patterns in early adolescence.  

Jo was so wonderfully kind, calm, and supportive through some emotional points in our session. She lovingly propped me up and kept me going on the path to better health and wellbeing.  

Jo Hickman is a wonderful woman, in no uncertain terms. She has helped me achieve something I have been trying to do for too long. RTT has changed my life forever, and I am forever grateful for having my life back. Bless you Jo.  

I can sincerely recommend RTT with Jo and know you will get the results you need to become the best version of yourself!

Sandra C, New Zealand

I am delighted to provide this Testimonial for Jo Hickman.    

As an RTT Practitioner you will find yourself in the most capable of hands, her expertise, her communication skills, her intuition, her empathy, astute perception and wealth of life and career experience definitely add up to setting Jo apart.  

With her engaging personality she quickly establishes a very trusting and confidential relationship which enables her to support and ensure her clients in getting the very best outcomes.   Having a highly successful educational career working with children and literally changing their lives in so many ways, it is easy to see why it is second nature for her to be able to draw on her career and life experiences and long list of talents, and work with the tools and strategies of RTT  bringing about extraordinary and rapid transformation in so many areas of people’s lives where they are experiencing challenges.    

Finding the right words to explain the experiences I have had with Jo in her RTT role is no easy task – amazing, transforming, extraordinary, life changing.   It is really something you have to experience to realise how profound the changes are.   Jo doesn’t just do what is necessary – she goes the extra mile every time, and it’s that extra mile that often really counts, and that is what an extraordinary practitioner does.   I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with the results you get with your RTT session/s with Jo, as I have been. 
Thankyou very much Jo for your amazing skills. 

Kelly Brimblecombe, Singapore

Josephine is a wonderful therapist who beautifully and compassionately guided me through a session of RTT.

The session was for organisation and memory  and I’m much better at remembering to be organised now 🙂 I had a self sabotage block of not recording things down and keeping things Uptodate and organised but now I’m able to do that and I’m confident I will remember and be alerted of what I need to do. This has alleviated a lot of stress for me.

I would definitely recommend Josephine.

Gisela Bustamante, Mexico

I had the privilege to receive an enlightening and transforming session of RTT, via zoom,  with Josephine.
Despite our language challenges the shift in my beliefs around a “problem to sleep all night” were completely turned around. Josephine regressed me to to scenes and helped me to understand the reasons for my beliefs and actions and there has been an immediate shift. Each day since our session I’m able to sleep much better all night.
Thank you so much Josephine!!, you are an amazing life changing therapist.
Lots of love and gratitude.

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