Jo Hickman| June 18, 2023






A while ago I was invited to the 21st birthday celebration of a student I had worked with during his primary and secondary years at school.


Dan was a great kid then, he had a few emotional, behavioural and learning issues – but every session with him was something special.


I’d pick up Dan from high school on our session days and our conversations between school and home were typical of a teenager’s interests. He’d talk – I’d listen – he’d pose questions and I would answer – sometimes there was silence …


He eventually left school, got an apprenticeship and fulltime job -and our paths didn’t cross for quite some years.


At the time I didn’t realise how important my role had been in Dan’s life – that is, until I was invited to his 21st birthday celebration


It was a great night – Dan had friends and family to celebrate with him and it felt an extreme privilege to be part of the fun.


Then, towards the end of the evening, he stood in front of everyone to give his speech.

It was so moving to hear him praise and thank his parents for everything they had done during his challenging years of growing up … but what happened next stunned me, surprised me …


I was overcome with emotion when he turned to me and shared, with all present, that I was the one who had made the biggest difference in his life …


I had walked with him without judgement, never given up on him when other teachers had, listened without preaching, never told him what to do, focused on what he could do, supported him to success with challenges he was presented with daily, helped him to believe in himself, affirmed his efforts, encouraged with love and care …


and showed him that he was a great kid just as he was …


He was now striding out in confidence every day ….


He was now celebrating Life


As Parents – as Educators – isn’t finding Joy, Happiness and Purpose

what we want for our kids?


Don’t we want them striding through life and making a difference in this world?

The teen mental Health crisis continues to grow worldwide.


Major Depression …rising


Anxiety and Hopelessness …rising


Social Anxiety …rising


If your teen is experiencing any of the following it could be a sign to seek help:
⚡️Stomach aches
⚡️Racing Heart
⚡️Panic Attacks

⚡️Nightmares or Fears


If someone you care about needs support or just wants to understand their teens anxiety a little more simply DM me or visit my website to learn more