About Josephine …

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Educator, Coach, Mentor, Healer

… Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

My journey to RTT™…


… Since I was a child I have been a seeker of Truth and Service and this curiosity has led to many spiritual practices where I have learned from eminent teachers and leaders who have all influenced my life in positive ways. Each journey contributed to a deeper awareness of myself and ways to serve others.

But despite this growth, there was always something missing … that is, until I was introduced to Marisa Peer and her phenomenal life changing method of Rapid Transformational Therapy™ – a therapy that addresses mind, body and soul. This was the answer I had been searching for.

I wake every day with absolute gratitude for my incredible life. There is clarity around my sense of purpose, I have a voice that is now heard and valued, and I am able to be part of a Transformative experience that enables others, just like you, to live the life you now dare to dream of.

Josephine Hickman Beautiful Minds Hypnotherapy About Me RTT Therapist

Hi I’m Josephine …

… and I am so pleased to share my journey with you.


I live with my wonderful husband William in the very beautiful Bay of Plenty – a part of New Zealand surrounded by stunning beaches and golden coastlines and the perfect place to ground myself for the transforming services I provide.

I have been an Educator for more than 3 decades – successfully specialising in Literacy Facilitation and working alongside teachers, the hardest to teach students and their families.

I am so grateful for this rewarding role and the life changing experiences for the hundreds of students I have been privileged to work with – not only in literacy acquisition but in supporting them to develop their confidence and self-belief and empowering them to attain their goals.

Being able to interweave the simple yet life changing techniques of RTT™ into their literacy sessions has resulted in long term sustainable gains for them all.

What I stand for

During my life I have experienced many challenges and adopted unhealthy beliefs about myself that have hurt me and my relationships with others. But what I am learning from RTT™ about the sub-conscious mind and its ability to change and transform I am able to apply with such ease and share with others just like you.


I feel truly blessed and honoured to be part of the life changing experiences I have shared with my clients and I so look forward to being with you on your journey of Transformation – to move past resistance, master your life with confidence, to have an unfailing belief in yourself and the passion to achieve your heart’s desires.

What clients say …

I had the privileged to receive an enlightening and transforming session of RTT, via zoom,  with Josephine.
Despite our language challenges the shift in my beliefs around a “problem to sleep all night” were completely turned around. Josephine regressed me to to scenes and helped me to understand the reasons for my beliefs and actions and there has been an immediate shift. Each day since our session I’m able to sleep much better all night.
Thank you so much Josephine!!, you are an amazing life changing therapist.
Lots of love and gratitude.

Gisela Bustamante


My RTT Session with Jo was astounding. I’m so grateful to have found her!! I have suffered from disordered eating and low self-worth for over 3 decades, a truly tough case.  I’ve tried everything from CPT, countless talk therapy sessions, medication, and hypnosis sessions before discovering RTT.  

The session I had with Jo was life-changing and truly amazing!  She is a wonderful woman, in no uncertain terms. She has helped me achieve something I have been trying to do for too long. RTT has changed my life forever, and I am forever grateful for having my life back.

I can sincerely recommend RTT with Jo and know you will get the results you need to become the best version of yourself!”

Debbie McMillan

New Zealand

“Josephine is a wonderful therapist who beautifully and compassionately guided me through a session of RTT.

The session was for organisation and memory  and I’m much better at remembering to be organised now 🙂 I had a self sabotage block of not recording things down and keeping things Uptodate and organised but now I’m able to do that and I’m confident I will remember and be alerted of what I need to do. This has alleviated a lot of stress for me.

I would definitely recommend Josephine.”

Kelly Brimblecombe


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